Sunday, March 9, 2008

Well, Why not?

I have been considering starting a blog for a while. Lots of my gal pals have them - and lots of my virtual friends have encouraged me to start one. So, why not?

Part of me has wondered over time, what exactly is a blog? I've never really grasped the concept of the "information superhighway." I've often wondered, WHERE is the internet, anyway? When I started looking into how to do do it, I realized there are about 42 million sites that one could chose from. Again, WHERE are these "sites"? Kentucky, Ohio, Australia, the North Pole?

If a site is a place, I'd like to imagine that this one is located somewhere in the West San Juan Mountains of southewest Colorado, or on the banks of Lake Louise, not far from the grand hotel that has a comfortable coffee shop, or maybe on the shore of the North Carolina Outer Banks, where sometimes the water is so rough, you can't safely dip your toe in it - and other times, so calm, you can paddle out a hundred yards on a cheap inflatable raft and see the fish swimming below you. Maybe, on the other hand, it's just here, with me, and my husband and my kids and my dog, in a cracker box sized house on a dead end street, where the sun pours into the living room each morning, and a brief walk down the street leads you to a bike path that winds east into our nation's capitol, or west to the small town of Purcellville. Or maybe it's nowhere, or everywhere, or anywhere I am.

In any case, I finally navigated my way through the "basic" startup process, figured out a name for the blog and decided that if people were interested in what happens in my little corner of this vast universe, they would come to this place, wherever it is. I figured, too, that I could use this as a way of recording the here and now, the memories of my former life, my hopes for the future, to save for my children, should they ever be so inclined to have a closer look into my mind and heart. "Someday" I hope to make a scrap book or two. Someday, I hope to print a couple hundred of the thousands of photographs I have taken of my family over the last few years, which now reside curiously in another virtual place. For now, I will collect my thoughts here.

I've decided to search some of the archives on the list serves that I belong to and reproduce some of my posts from the last few years. Is that cheating? Maybe. But like so many other things in my life, my thoughts are scattered - sprinkled in archives across the vast information superhighway, like dandelion puffs in the the wind. I want to put them in one place, as a start.
So, if you have found me, welcome.

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