Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Big Red Secret

It turns out that my big red secret turned out to be a really good investment of time, when we have had occasion to call the medics to our home twice in the last month. Knowing the guys - and them knowing the boys, made the work of getting the job done (possible poisoning & treatment of a finger wound).

From summer 2007 on MONA & NVPOM:

We have been having a complete hoot for the last 6 weeks dropping in on various fire stations across the county – I wanted to share this big red secret for those of you who might have a youngster who would enjoy such a frolic. We have visited five (or six) different stations – and just have dropped in when the opportunity arises. The boys LOVE it and the firefighters have been so pleasant and so welcoming – answering the same questions over and over and over again – and of course, letting the kids climb all over the equipment, and open every compartment on the truck.

Our visits usually last for 20-30 minutes – and we often have the extra bonus of seeing other interesting county vehicles gas up at the pumps – which, if the firetrucks have lost their shine, is a great diversion.

We have also learned:

Firefighters go poop and pee in the potty (for those potty training)
Firefighters like a clean place – and put all their “toys” away
Firefighters stick together and do not leave one another (for those who have runners)
Firefighters wear socks
Firefighters hang up their clothes and put away their shoes
Firefighters who are shorter than 36” do not use dirty words
Firefighters eat their vegetables and drink their milk
Firefighters know how to leave the “house” quickly
Firefighters always wear their seatbelts
Firefighters are good listeners
Firefighters are kind and helpful
Firefighters do not hit
Firefighters take turns
Firefighters share
Firefighters do not spit in the house
Firefighters do not throw food or trash on the floor

The other very cool thing for those who host playgroups is that your local fire truck and/or medic unit will drop by for a visit if you call and ask – and obviously, if they are available. Such a visit may, if you are lucky, be punctuated by a loud and rapid departure.

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