Sunday, March 9, 2008

Side by side at the graveside - on having twins as an older mom

I gave birth to my twin boys when I was 43 and while I was not depressed about having twins, I was very anxious about it and also very detached from them throughout my entire pregnancy, right up until the moment I delivered them. Wasn't convinced I was going to have them at all until I was 28 weeks along.

That said, I can tell you that having twins is a miraculous adventure - two babies to cuddle and kiss, two voices laughing, two little people toddling and now, for me, two voices saying, I love you, Mama.

Despite my age, I am without a doubt, one of the most active moms I know andam very engaged. I have two breasts to nurse them, two arms to hold them, two hands to hold onto them, two knees to bounce them and one voice to sing to them and comfort them and a bottomless vessel of love to pour upon them.

As an older mom, I am glad to know that when my day comes, my sons will stand side by side at my graveside to grieve their common loss and will go on for many years together as brothers, friends to one another, fathers to their own children, and uncles to one another's children.

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