Sunday, March 9, 2008

Envy of the pregnant ladies

On envy of the pregnant ladies:

I don't think you are wrong to feel this way. My DH and I would frequently joke about the "show offs" who were walking around pregnant and tease how we would like to break their legs, or some equally totally wrong thing.

I also have been frequently heard to say that it was a shame I wasn't 15 years old, still in school, unemployed and living withmy parents, because I would most assuredly have been pregnant if I'd had unprotected sex (or drank from the water fountain after a pregnantlady). So, I think envy is right in there with what's normal.

That said, I always reminded myself that pregnancy is not a zero sum game - more for you does not mean less for me. It just means that my time had not yet come. Perhaps the powers that be have a very special child just waiting for you.

From MVED: October 18, 2005

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